Thursday, December 1, 2016

Possible Replacements as 007

My List of Possible Replacements For Daniel Craig As 007

With Daniel Craig’s contract to play James Bond up at the moment, I wanted to make a list of who I would like to see take up the mantle of 007 next.  I know that Craig very well may resign for the part but I feel it is time for a change personally.  I should also probably state that I have always been of the opinion that James Bond and 007 is a title not as single person.  That is why he never ages and he always changes his look.

Idris Elba-

I think that Elba has a great range that he hasn’t been able to show in many of his movies.  However if you sit down and watch even a few episodes of Luther and you can see that Idris Elba could really bring an interesting new take to the James Bond legacy.

Tom Felton-

Felton is best known to movie audiences as Harry Potter’s schoolyard rival Draco Malfoy, but I feel he could really change it up with a turn as Britain’s most elite agent.  He has the look and the abilities, but at this point it’s a question of if they would cast such a young actor to play the part.

Michael Fassbender-

This is an easy pick for me.  He has the suave look and the ability to make a good balance between the edgy and slightly humorous sides to the character they have been portraying in the latest bond movies.  He has proven his ability to play the subtleties that could really bring an interesting extra aspect to Bond as well.  Just watch the scene in Prometheus where he his talking with Logan Marshall Green and Fassbender’s character David is clearly working to an agenda that has no interest in protecting human life.

Hayley Atwell-

Apart from the idea of being a female 007 this wouldn’t be a huge stretch for Atwell, she has already played Peggy Carter in the Marvel Universe.  And there is no denying that next to Black Widow, Peggy is the closest thing to a spy there is in the MCU.  With that out of the way Atwell could be the perfect choice to be accepted as the first female Bond.  I personally think it would be a great change to go with a female 007.  

Thanks for reading my article.  I had fun putting it together, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  What are your thoughts? Who would you cast as the next 007?

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