Monday, February 15, 2016

West Coast Avenger's Movie?

West Coast Avengers Movie

West Coast Avengers is one of those titles that I have come across many times while putting away comics in the 50 cent section of my local comic shop.  I never really thought much about them while putting them away, I always just figured they were a cheap knock off team that was probably an attempt to just make more money by making one more Avengers book.  But in the two years that I have been listening to the Geek History Lesson podcast I have slowly learned a little bit about the team and my curiosity has grown.  But with the 100th episode of the podcast they focused on West Coast Avengers and I realized that Marvel has laid a lot of groundwork to bring the team to the MCU if they wanted to.  A good amount of the members have already been introduced in the movies and since most of them have only background parts to play in the major films it would be great to see them brought together for a movie of their own to give them a chance to shine.

I would like to see Marvel put Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Ant-Man and War Machine on the team.  It would also be fun to see Sif get some more screen time as a member of the West Coast Avengers. But if Jamie Alexander doesn’t have the time or want to come back, how cool would it be to see Marvel introduce Valkyrie into the MCU and have her as a member of the team?  And then maybe introduce some new heroes onto the team like maybe White Tiger or if they really want to have some fun go with some of the more comedic characters like Squirrel Girl.

But these are just my thoughts on the potential of a West Coast Avengers movie.  Even though there are no signs that Marvel and Disney are even somewhat interested in bringing the Avenger’s B team to the big screen.  Let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quick Review of Ghostbusters International #1

Ghostbusters International
Written By Erik Burnham
Art By Dan Shoening
Released By IDW

This week I once again decided to try to delve into a Ghostbusters comic though I have only ever read one other issue that IDW has put out.  My first thoughts were that the story is interesting but hard to jump right into without reading what has come before this.  There was a recap page but it really just glossed over what has already happened in the life of the Ghostbusters and the people in their lives since the book started under the IDW banner.  It is however clear that Ray, Winston, Peter, and Egon have been very busy since they were last seen on the big screen.  They even make a mention to having a Chicago branch of the company.  

The story for the most part is pretty interesting.  The Buster’s are called into a U.N. building to take care of a ghost for an ambassador and are soon approached by another who claims to need their services and even offers to pay the bill for the ghost that they have just gone after.  During the meeting the constant thorn in the Ghostbusters side Walter Peck shows up to represent the city of New York in the deal that is being made.  And as usual ends up being put in his place when the generous benefactor announces that he would like to purchase the Ghostbuster company.  Burnham really has the voices of the character’s down.  None of them come off as acting or speaking out of character.  But the highlight of this book to me is the art of Dan Shoening.  it captures a nice mix of the movie and cartoon versions of the Ghostbuster characters.  And his cartoony style also serves to make the book a lot more fun.

4 out of 5

I probably won’t be grabbing more single issues of this, but I am intrigued enought to want to find and read some of the earlier IDW Ghostbuster titles to read them from the beginning to see how it got to the place it is currently at.

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