Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quick Review Of Hexed Volume 2

Hexed #1-12
Written By Michael Alan Nelson
Art By Dan Mora
Boom Studios

A couple of weeks ago the final issue of Hexed came out.  I didn’t even know before I read it that issue twelve was going to bring the saga of Luci Jennifer Inagcio Das Neves and the band of misfits and deities that she interacts with.  Counting the original 4 issue mini-series from 2008-2009, Hexed is 16 issues of what makes me love comics.  Nelson puts together a group of characters that are well developed and relatable.  And the supernatural action is balanced to the amount characters interacting to build the relationships between them.  Dan Mora does the art for this volume and actually holds his own with having to take the art duties from Emma Rios.  And even though I was surprised to find Hexed was ending.  It came to an end in a very satisfying end.  All of the people in Luci’s life get closure to their story arcs. I highly suggest giving this series a read if you get the chance.

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