Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick Review Of Red Sonja #18

Red Sonja #18
Written By Gail Simone
Art By Walter Giovani
Released By Dynamite Entertainment

Last week the final issue of Gail Simone’s Red Sonja was released.  With all of the delays in the release schedule it was a longtime coming.  Admittedly I was slow on getting around to reading it but it was worth the wait.  

With the final arc Sonja has to make the decision to stay and defend the sisters and their library from the queen’s men.  What makes the decision harder is the word that the queen is sending her toughest killers the Vipers, a group of three men that have exceptional skills and no mercy.  A fact that should make Sonja forget about trying to protect the sisters, especially since she doesn’t care about books at all.  But would it be Red Sonja if she didn’t fight a “losing” battle.

Walter Giovani is on point with his art as usual.  The line work is crisp and captures both the raw brutality and beauty of the characters and environments perfectly.  Whether it’s just a conversation between characters or Sonja fighting off the three Vipers, Giovani makes it all easy for the reader to follow.     The inker did their job perfectly.  By that I mean that you don’t notice a single line or shadow that they did.  and that is the job of an inker to enhance the art without being noticeable

This issue was the perfect wrap up for the the story that Simone has been telling for the last couple of years.  It brings all of the narratives that Simone has been working with over the last eighteen issues to a perfect close, and even manages to bring the story full circle.

Ratings: 5 Out Of 5

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wrestlers Who Could Be Cast As Comic Characters

Wrestlers Who Could Be Cast As Comic Characters

This week I am going to combine two of my geeky loves comics and as cheesy as it is pro wrestling.  I have been a fan of both comics and wrestling since I was a kid, and with a lot more wrestlers successfully making the jump from the ring to the screen I wanted to make a list of the wrestlers that I think could be cast as comic characters on the big screen.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-

I realize that he has already been cast as Black Adam in the Shazam! movie but I really think that Marvel missed a good opportunity by not casting him as Luke Cage.  Johnson has the size and look to be the perfect Luke Cage/Powerman.  I don’t have anything against Mike Colter who has been announced to play Cage for the Netflix shows. But ever since I read the run of Thunderbolts where he Cage lead the team I have pictured the Rock playing him in the MCU.

Adam “Edge” Copeland-

After his wrestling career was cut short by a serious injury.  The former “Rated-R Superstar” turned to acting full time.  Copeland had a recurring role on the SyFy original show Haven for most of the shows run.  As well as getting parts in multiple movies.  However I would like to see Copeland get cast in a X-Factor movie as Multiple Man/ Jamie Madrox.  Preferably based on the X-Factor Investigations era of the team.

Chris Jericho-

With the sense of humor that Jericho possess he could really bring a lot to many different comic characters.  But the character that I would like to see him play is Booster Gold.  I feel that the over confident, self centered nature of Booster Gold is a perfect match for a guy like Jericho who has been playing a character like that for at least twenty years on WCW and WWE TV.  And he would be a great fit for the cheesy costume covered in sponsors from the future.

Braun Strowman-

At 6’8” and 385lbs Strowman is a site to be seen.  While he is a newcomer to WWE television he has already made a mark as part of the Wyatt Family.  And with his size I would love to see him brought in as a more true to the comics version of Bane.  He has the massive build that would make the imposing nature of Bane very believable.  But I would like to see DC try to make him the Bane that Gail Simone created in her first run on Secret Six.  Where Bane is no longer using Venom.  Instead he is portrayed as an addict who still struggles with his former dependence on the super steroid.  The only question I have is how well Strowman could play the extreme intelligence that Bane possesses in Secret Six.

CM Punk-

He has charisma, he has a lot of pop culture based tattoos and he has the ability to make you want to see him succeed even against the biggest of odds.  That is why I would like to see him play Jack Knight Starman.  Jack never wore an official costume.  Instead opting to wear a pop culture t-shirts and a long leather jacket.  Jack also was never the most physically imposing of superheroes.  I feel that CM Punk could easily make Jack Knight come to life on the big screen, and it is also a story that needs to be shown.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Standout Creative Teams

Standout Creative Teams

I’m Sure that everyone can agree that there are creative teams that are good when they work with just anybody, but when they team up with a specific writer or artist they become great.  It may be they are just more compatible.  Or maybe they just keep each other from going too far overboard with their creative processes.  But whatever the it factor is the teams just make for a far superior product.

Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley-

You can’t argue the power of a creative team that produced an extremely high caliber book together for 111 issues.  And that’s just what Bendis and Bagley did with Ultimate Spider-Man.  The duo brought new life to the Peter Parker character and the villains that he faced as his alter ego Spider-Man.  While also keeping most of the core aspects true to the original 616 version.  And the choice to make Peter’s origin last for about five issues made it clear that they were going to take their time and make Spider-Man something special.

Jeff Parker And Gabriel Hardman-

This creative team  hasn’t put out too many series together.  But when they have it has been something not to be missed.  I have done an interview with Parker in the past, and when I asked him about the working relationship that they have.  Parker gave a great answer about the way that they have a respect and trust with each other that allows them to say how they feel with a decision that one or the other may have.  And how can the product be good if it is fundamentally flawed by the fact that one of the creators doesn’t believe in the direction that the book should go.  

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips-

This is one of those creative teams that has a large body of work to reference for proof of how good they are together.  But one of the best proofs is their run on Captain America.  A run that redefined the character while at the same time giving the book a new tone.  Getting rid of the usual All American do gooder feel, for a more spy/espionage/noir angle.  Brubaker and Phillips are also the creative team that brought Bucky back as the Winter Soldier and later made him the new Captain America after Steve Rogers was killed on the courthouse steps at the end of Civil War.  But that is the more mainstream example of the chemistry that Brubaker and Phillips bring to a book.  Probably one of my personal favorites was a book that they did for Wildstorm called Sleeper.  Which was a crime noir series within the greater Wildstorm universe that displayed the seedy underbelly to a world that was never really clean even on the surface.

Kieron Gillen And Jamie McKelvie-

This is one of my favorite creative teams out there right now.  Between their run on Young Avengers and their current work on The Wicked + The Divine, the duo are leading the pack when it comes to producing great comics.  They build complex characters and stunning environments that grip the reader and don’t let go til you are through with the issue or trade depending on what format you are fond of.  They are also responsible for the long running series Phonogram.

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale-

These two are one of the first real standout creative team.  With their work on the Marvel color series.  Hulk: Grey, Daredevil: Yellow, Spider-Man: Blue and there recently started Captain America: White.  And of course there amazing series of Batman stories (Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Haunted Knight, and Catwoman: When In Rome).  They have managed to redefine all of the character’s that they have had the pleasure of working on.  Both Loeb and Sale are great when they are working with other creators, but when they work together it is almost guaranteed to be something special.  They even made me like Superman with their series Superman: For All Seasons.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Best Buildings That Are Also Headquarters For Superheroes

Best Buildings In Comics That Are The Headquarters For Superheroes.

Every superhero has some kind of place that they call home, or at least their base of operation.  But some of them are better than others.  Some even become just as iconic as the hero that occupies them.

Wayne Manor-

The large mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City is the home of Bruce Wayne.  The last remaining member of the Wayne family.  When Bruce was just a kid he witnessed the death of his parents in a robbery gone wrong.  An event that lead to Bruce to becoming the ultimate vigilante in the DC Universe.  But back to Wayne Manor.  On the surface it is your average mansion of another rich playboy.  but set the broken clock in the study to either the exact time that Bruce’s parents were killed or one minute after, depending on the writer.  And you will open a passage to the Batcave.  The secret base of operation for the Batman.  Complete with everything a vigilante could ever need to shutdown the large group of villains that also call Gotham home.

The Baxter Building-

This 35 story skyscraper in Manhattan is average looking from the outside.  But on the inside the top five levels are the headquarters to the first family of the Marvel Universe, The Fantastic Four.  And within those five floors you can find anything you could possibly need.  Including multiple labs and portals to any dimension you could ever want to visit.  Sure it can be dangerous to anyone else living in the building, but with every major attack on the Baxter Building, Reed Richards rebuilds it even stronger.

Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters-

On the surface it is a school for unique children.  But beneath the exterior it is a school for young mutants to learn how to make it in a world that hates them.  And if they are one of the lucky few, receive training to become one of the X-Men.  The Mansion and the grounds that surround it have been the home to a lot of great heroes.  And the hidden part to the school is the ultimate base for the top team of mutants.  There are science labs, a holographic training room, and even a hangar for the team’s stealth jet the Blackbird.

House Of Mystery-

A house that has no set physical location in any space or time.  And you never know what will be in the room behind any door you open.  The House of Mystery is used as the base of operation for Justice League Dark in comics and just Constantine in his short lived television series.  What makes this base so great to me is that it holds such secrets that not even the team knows what they will find.  So if an enemy force were to try to invade the house itself would be the greatest defense.  In fact the only other residence that even comes close to rivaling it is it’s sister house the House of Secrets.

Sherwood Florists-

In 1987 Mike Grell wrote one of the best Green Arrow stories to be released.  The Longbow Hunters.  During this phase Green Arrow and Black Canary moved to Seattle for a fresh start.  And on top of the fact that Oliver took a new hooded costume and got rid of all of his trick arrows.  The duo set up shop in a florist shop with an apartment over the top of it.  I put this one on the list for the great word play involved in the name of the shop.  It also doesn’t hurt that this was from one of the definitive runs for Green Arrow.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quick Review Of Hexed Volume 2

Hexed #1-12
Written By Michael Alan Nelson
Art By Dan Mora
Boom Studios

A couple of weeks ago the final issue of Hexed came out.  I didn’t even know before I read it that issue twelve was going to bring the saga of Luci Jennifer Inagcio Das Neves and the band of misfits and deities that she interacts with.  Counting the original 4 issue mini-series from 2008-2009, Hexed is 16 issues of what makes me love comics.  Nelson puts together a group of characters that are well developed and relatable.  And the supernatural action is balanced to the amount characters interacting to build the relationships between them.  Dan Mora does the art for this volume and actually holds his own with having to take the art duties from Emma Rios.  And even though I was surprised to find Hexed was ending.  It came to an end in a very satisfying end.  All of the people in Luci’s life get closure to their story arcs. I highly suggest giving this series a read if you get the chance.