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Ridiculous Villains In Comics

Ridiculous Villains In Comics
Written By Teddy McHugh

I can’t remember how I thought of this topic, but once it came to mind I knew I had to run with it.   Throughout my time reading comics I have come across characters that are just so unusual that I can’t help but laugh.  Sure most of them are used as an entryway to the real villain of the story or in books that are meant to be a little off from the norm.  But these villains can be really fun to see pop up.


I really don’t know which is more ridiculous.  The fact that there is a character named Stilt-Man, or the fact that there have been three different men to use the monocher and a Lady Stilt-Man.  

Stilt-Man first appeared in Daredevil #8 in 1965.  Wilbur Day was a scientist who stole his mentors hydraulic inventions and made it into a pair of telescopic stilts that were attached to a suit of armor.  He took the name Stilt-Man and began using his suit to rob banks.  He has had a very long and very unsuccesful criminal career.   During Civil War Day was killed and hasn’t been seen since.

But with Day gone a new criminal adopts the name and begins “terrorizing the Marvel universe” with about the same amount of success as his original namesake.  This incarnation was last seen being defeated by Superior Spider-Man.  As for the third man to take the name Stilt-Man.  He was a small time criminal that was chosen by a small group of other small timers who obtained a version of the stilt suit that had been upgraded by the Tinkerer.  Michael Watts used the Stilt-Man armor to take on The Punisher who just about killed him.  The only saving factor for Watts was that Rhino convinced Frank Castle not to by telling him “You punish the guilty Frank.  Not the stupid”.

Stilt-Man is officially a legacy character.  But the fact remains that he is still a ridiculous character that is just a fun villain to watch your favorite heroes defeat at the beginning of an issue before they go on to face the big bad.

Mr Edison/The Inventor-

When G. Willow Wilson relaunched Ms. Marvel in 2014 she introduced Marvel fans to Kamala Kahn, a Pakistani teenager who was affected by the Terrigen Mists during the Inhumanity event.  And at the end of her first arc as Ms. Marvel it is revealed that there is a new mastermind in town that is a clone of Thomas Edison.  And what could possibly be ridiculous about an evil mastermind that is a clone of Thomas Edison?  How about when said clone is in the body of a giant cockatiel.  

Though I will admit that the site of this character is mildly creepy, Mr. Edison is definitely on the ridiculous side of comic villains.  Even Wilson admits said herself that Mr. Edison “Is kooky and Miyazaki-esque”.  I love the idea of this character and hope that he will get to have more appearances in the future.


A giant head with little arms and legs who runs A.I.M. whose name is an acronym for Mental/Mobile/Mechanized, Organism, Designed, Only for, Killing.  M.O.D.O.K. could be an interesting villain I guess.  But he has always just comes across as a joke villain for the heroes to beat and throw out catchy one liners over his unconscious body.

M.O.D.O.K. has mental powers as well as technological weapons built into a mechanical anti-grav chair that houses his unusual body.  But ridiculousness aside I am a sucker for M.O.D.O.K. stories.

The Fiddler-

One of the many Flash villains that fall into the absurd idea category.  The Fiddler or Isaac Bowen first debuted in All Flash #32 in 1947.  The Fiddler is a talented musician who taught himself to play special notes that would hypnotize any who heard it, shatter glass or even put up a barrier.  All of which he would use to pull off crimes in Flash comics throughout the ages.

I have not personally read any issues where the Fiddler makes an appearance except in the issue of Villains United where he was killed by Deadshot shortly after joining the Secret Six and his return as a Black Lantern in the Secret Six tie-in for Blackest Night.  But my research brought me across the character and from the name I had to dig deeper.  He even drove a fiddle-mobile, a custom made car in the shape of a fiddle.  


I was given a hint from my buddy Tony to take a look at X-Men villains if I want to find more ridiculous characters for this article.  That tip lead me to this gem of a character.

Prism is a member of the team the Marauders who absorbs light into his crystalline body and can release it into intense flashes of light to blind opposition.  He is basically a living flashbang grenade.  But Prism didn’t have a very long life in the Marvel universe.  He was accidentally killed by Jean Grey in X-Factor when she slammed him against a wall with her telekinesis.  Then he was resurrected by Mr Sinister only to die again at the hands of demon police at the beginning of Inferno.


Another standout from the mutant corner of Marvel.  Spoilsport is a female mutant whose powers are completely based around her inline skates.  When she uses them she can defy gravity to reach high speeds to move up walls and across ceilings.  And on top of that she dresses like a schoolgirl, pigtails and all.  Though now she is depowered thanks to Scarlet Witch and M-Day.

There are plenty more of these ridiculous villains floating around in comics.  And if you ever want a little laugh at the absurd side of  comics I highly suggest you go looking for the more obscure and ridiculous villains.

Thank you for reading this article.  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please leave them in the comments section.  And as always… Keep Reading Comics Fans!!

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