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Review of John Constantine Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits

I have been wanting to read this arc for a while now, but I just recently found a copy to read.  It was part of the basis for the Constantine movie starring Keanu Reeves.  Given that isn’t a good thing to compare to in most people’s eyes.  But I didn’t think the movie was as bad as some.

John Constantine Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits
Written By Garth Ennis
Art By Will Simpson
Released By Vertigo Comics

This trade follows John Constantine, a scam artist who deals with the occult, as he faces the toughest battle of he will ever face.  Lung cancer.  Smoking 30 cigarettes a day has finally caught up with him.  However John doesn’t plan on going down easily,  he is going to go out fighting.  But just in case his schemes won’t work he decides to visit all of the people he cares about one last time, as well as making a new friend in a cancer patient named Matt.  But the more John fights to change his fate the deeper he digs his grave.  

This series brings in some truly interesting characters to interact with John.  Including one of John’s good friends who made a deal with “The First of the Fallen” so that he could get the greatest collection of alcohol ever collected.  Of course both John and his buddy are hoping the other could help get them out of the jam they are in.  John drinks with his good friend until the end.  And when he finds out that the deal that was made is void if The First doesn’t claim his soul by midnight on the night he dies and his soul goes to heaven, Constantine  does a nice thing for the first time in his life to ensure that his buddy will be free.  

The best parts of this series though are where it is just John dealing with his mortality, which is obviously a concept that he never thought would be a concern.  These moments serve to make John a more relatable character.  Then there are the really touching moments that involve John and Matt just sitting together and talking about life and where they made their mistakes.  Matt gives a good view of what John is on his way to becoming,  A cranky old man who lost anyone and everyone that meant something to him who is dieing a slow and painful death.

Rating: 5 Out Of 5
This was a dark and emotional trip that only Ennis can produce.  The art comes off a little rough at points but it only serves to help the nature of the story it’s representing.  I highly suggest this arc to anyone wanting to get introduced to the comic version of John Constantine.

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