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My Thoughts On The Future Of The MCU!!!

My Thoughts On The MCU Going Forward
Article by Teddy McHugh

I am going to break this into a couple sections to make it easier to make my points as clear as I want them to come across.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Let me start by saying I really enjoyed Avengers: Age of Ultron.  By no means did I think it was a perfect movie, or even a particularly well thought out movie.  But it hit on all of the right beats to make for a really fun action flick starring some of my favorite comic characters.  

However there were some serious problems within the movie that bugged me a lot.  For example the fact that Ultron comes off as a powerless villain after all is said and done.  Whedon tries to make the viewers believe that he is this big threat to the Avengers and the world, but it seems like whenever Ultron and the Avengers face off the Avengers handle him with very little problems.  In fact the only time I felt that Ultron came out for the better against the Avengers was when Wanda and Pietro, mostly wanda though, take apart the team on the barge off the coast of Africa.  

Then you have the glaring plot hole of Stark’s Iron Legion.  At the end of Iron Man 3 Tony destroys all of his suits and tells Pepper that he is done building armor.  But suddenly he has a major army of suits that run themselves, or maybe Jarvis runs them that was a little unclear.  But the fact remains that Stark has an army of Iron Man suits that just go completely unexplained.  The lack of explanation makes them nothing more than a plot device to explain how Ultron gets an army so quickly.  And as a side note, why did Ultron need a fully moving mouth?  His mouth probably bothered me more than it should have, but it just didn’t make sense to me.  But to me Ultron was the most effective as a threat when he was a bunch of spare parts put together from destroyed Iron Legion suits with James Spader’s voice coming out of it.

I did however really like the addition of the twins.  I thought both Pietro and Wanda brought some interesting new angles to the movie.  Their backstory was compelling and made sense as to why they would agree to be part of the Hydra experiment.  I was very hesitant when Marvel announced the addition of Scarlet Witch into the MCU.  In comics Wanda has a power set that can be used to do whatever the writer wants her to be able to do.  Whether that be to just move things with her mind or being able to destroy the entire world with a single word.  So I was happy when they made her powers just a strong telekinesis and the ability to play on the fears within a person’s mind.   

On the whole I got the feeling that Age Of Ultron was nothing more than a placeholder movie between Marvel Phase 2 and Phase 3.  Especially with the forming of the new line-up of Avengers that is unveiled at the end.  A line-up with which I am still deciding how I feel about.

The Future Of The MCU

The announcement of the upcoming line-up of Marvel movies is both exciting and scary at the same time to me.  I am excited because of the potential each of the characters being introduced brings to the table.  But I am worried by the fact that the more characters Marvel brings in the more convoluted the universe becomes.  I already feel that the MCU is getting kind of confusing.  And I personally feel that the addition of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show has made more complications for the greater MCU.  In fact I wish Marvel would have looked at the cluster shmozz that was the Matrix sequels.  Where to get the whole story you had to watch the Animatrix, play the Matrix video game, as well as a couple of other hoops to jump through that I can’t exactly remember.

Black Panther-
I like the fact that we are getting a Black Panther movie, and the groundwork for Black Panther that was laid out in Age of Ultron was kind of fun.   Black Panther could bring an interesting depth to the already deep MCU.  I am really interested to see how they set up the nation of Wakanda, and what will make them decide to join the battle going on in the universe that Marvel already has built.  T’Challa has a great backstory in the comics so I am excited to see how they will adapt it for the movie universe.

Captain Marvel-
Captain Marvel is one of two additions to the MCU that I am most excited for.  For starters the addition of another strong female character that could serve to give female fans someone to root for.  But Carol is also a complex character that has a history of being strong even through her weakness.  Carol Danvers is a badass fighter pilot who has Kree powers given to her by the original Captain Marvel.  And the best part to Carol Danvers being introduced is the potential to see her interacting with the other Avengers.  As a side note Marvel has the perfect chance to cast Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers.  And that is always a plus in my book.

Dr. Strange-
This is the movie that intrigues me the most.  Up until now the MCU is highly based in science.  Even Thor has been explained with mostly a science angle.  So I can’t wait to see how they finally bring a completely magic based character into the universe and make him work.  I’m not completely sold on Benedict Cumberbatch being cast as Stephen Strange.  However I am optimistic that he could make it work.  But the other interesting factor to a Dr. Strange movie is buddy aspect between Strange and Wong, his helper.  With the proper casting of Wong there is the potential for an on screen chemistry the likes of which he has with Martin Freeman on Sherlock.

Spider-Man Coming To The MCU

I am happy that Marvel got shared rights to the Spider-Man film rights.  Sony has really mishandled the franchise for the last three films.  Thats right I said it!  The only good thing about the Amazing Spider-Man movies was Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  Other than that I felt that the movies were pretty forgettable.  That said I am not happy to see the famous web-slinger get folded into the MCU.  I fully understand that I am in the minority on this one though.

First of all, it looks like we are going to be getting the origin story of Peter Parker again for the third time in thirteen years.  I for one am really hoping they do a opening credit montage that gives the origin ala Incredible Hulk.  I also am still trying to decide on how I feel about the decision to make Peter Parker so young.  Not to say that Asa Butterfield, who seems like the front runner right now, is a bad actor.  I’m just not sure about making Peter that young.  I really like the struggling photographer for the Daily Bugle version of Peter Parker the most.  I feel it is a much more fun point in the Spider-Man legacy.

But my biggest concern though is how well will Spider-man fit into the universe that Feige and company have been building?  Spider-Man could be a serious tipping point on the tight-rope act that Marvel films are already on.  Because in my opinion Spider-Man is a character that works the best on his own.  With the partial control Marvel has now on the Spider-Man character I think they can help make a stronger product.  But I still feel that Spider-Man works best on his own.  Or maybe have him make appearances in the Netflix shows where he can team up with the Defenders and even bring a little humor to the dark toned MCU right now.  

My Worries About The Future Of The MCU

As I stated before, I feel that the MCU is getting way too bogged down at points.  And with the announcement of 16 characters being major players in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War I am even more worried that Marvel is walking a very thin line.  Then compound that with the fact that it seems like they are trying to make it pretty close to the comic book arc of the same name.  But what about the fact that in the current MCU none of the heroes have secret identities so how can a registration angle really work in the MCU?  And that is just in the foreseeable future.

What about the fact that everything is currently starting to push towards the Infinity War?  I can’t help but worry a little about their decision to take on such an ambitious storyline.  A two part movie that will most likely involve all of the characters from the movies, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and possibly the characters from the Netflix shows.  That makes it an even more ambitious proposition than just being an intergalactic war with a warlord who wants nothing more than to woo death.  Oh and the warlord possesses a glove with six ultra powerful gems in it that makes him nigh unbeatable,

But these are just my thoughts on the possibilities of the MCU.  And I should state that even with all of the concerns I have expressed in this article, I remain very optimistic that Marvel won’t let me down.  After all they made a giant talking tree and a talking raccoon not only believable but into the most popular characters of the last couple of years.

As always thanks for reading.  This site has been a great outlet for my thoughts on an industry that has been bringing me a lot of entertainment for years.  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please leave them in the comment section.  And as always.  Keep Reading Comics Fans!!!   

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