Saturday, September 20, 2014

What is the future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


With all of the talk about how Robert Downey Jr. won’t return for Iron Man 4 and that Chris Evans wants to take a hiatus from acting it leaves a lot of questions as to what will happen with the Marvel cinematic universe.  Well I have some ideas on how they could continue the universe with only a soft reboot.  I figure I will break it down by  the three big members characters to make it easier to explain.  Plus I feel they are the ones that are important.

Captain America-
If Chris Evans wants to take time away from acting they could easily set up Bucky to take over as Captain America.  Use the third Captain America movie to bring him into a point of wanting to atone for his crimes in the past.  Then have Steve die in Avengers 3 setting up the need for someone to fill the spot on the Avengers.  I really liked Bucky as Cap in the comics and would like to see Marvel take a chance on trying to make it work in their movie universe.

This one is a little more drawn out but, I have an idea on a way of moving on the movies with a new actor as the god of thunder.  They have set up a good opening for the Ragnarok story in the Thor movies, so you let it play out.  Have Loki bring upon the end of Asgard, but before the final fall have him realize all he really wanted was to better Thor.  That gives you the death of all of the gods of Asgard, and Loki getting a chance at a hero turn if they wanted.  So after Thor 3 they have Thor dead, which gives the chance at tapping into the JMS Thor story of Thor being resurrected and rebuilding Asgard.  And they
could recast Thor if they want to and it could be explained as he looked slightly different due to the resurrection.  And if they wanted to they could even have be Loki who resurrects him in an effort to fix the mistakes he made.

Iron Man-
This one is a little harder to navigate, because there isn’t a whole lot of history of anyone else being Iron Man.  You have the brief amount of time where Rhodey took over the suit and in Iron Man 2099 it was some kind of relative to Tony Stark.  But I guess you could  have Rhodey take over for a while. I just know that it would be hard for anyone to take over the role of Tony Stark after Robert Downey Jr. and be accepted.  

After those three they have plenty of characters to fill out the team.  I am sure that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be given spots on the team, and I wonder if that will be in place of Hawkeye and Black Widow.  Because it seems like they have no interest in developing them as compelling members of the Avengers.  I would like to see if they decide to incorporate some of the other characters that they are getting ready to introduce into the universe, like Ant-Man, Black Panther(rumored) or Dr. Strange.  But then you have the characters they are bringing in through the Netflix shows, and most of those characters, if done right, could become good members of the Avengers or even a off shoot team like New Avengers or Mighty Avengers.  Of course there are also the members of Guardians of the Galaxy that they decide to introduce, and who knows what bearings they will have on the Avengers series.  But with Thanos looming as a threat in the future of the franchise they will almost have to show up at some point.

Once again these are only my thoughts and theories.  I have no idea where the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go from here on out.  But I can’t wait to see how they surprise me next.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the subject, if you have any thoughts or suggestions I would love to hear them.  


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