Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review: Angry Birds Comics #1

Angry Birds Comics #1
Written by Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin
Art by Paco Rodriques, Marco Gervasio and Cesar Ferioli
Published by IDW

The owner of my local shop put this in my box because I get almost everything that Jeff Parker writes, but I am glad he did.  This was a really fun read, and it actually appeals to adults just as much as kids.  
There are three stories in this issue, the first and third are written by Jeff Parker and the second was written by Paul Tobin.  The first story, Bomb Hiccups, was my favorite.  There’s something about the site gag of a bomb bird exploding every time he hiccups that really made me laugh.  But of course that tips off the pigs that the birds are about to attack.  The art really gives the birds and pigs really unique personalities of their own and brings the game ideas into a new medium.

 For the most part I was just happy read an all ages title that didn’t feel like it was phoned in or lazily done.  


4 out of 5

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